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Video Depo

Is it really true that your videographer's hourly rate is 50% what other firms charge us?

Yes! We do charge a minimum appearance fee for setting up and the first two hours of deposition. After that fee, the hourly rate is half what other firms charge you.

How can you afford to charge so much less?

The larger firms will often hire independent videographers like us to cover their video depositions. They add in a nice markup to you, so that they can make a profit. If you hire us directly, you save 50% off what you would normally charge for the videographer’s hourly rate at the deposition.

If we pay less for scheduling video depositions, are we getting lower quality video?

Absolutely not. The big firms hire independents like us to videotape your deposition at a certain rate, but then charge you a higher rate to make a profit. By going directly through us, you get the exact same video quality, but pay a fraction of the price. You’d see us at the deposition videotaping either way–might as well save money for your client or your firm.

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But are you CLVS certified for legal video work?

Yes! You may be surprised to learn that many other firms simply train their employees themselves to shoot video without being concerned with their employees obtaining offical CLVS certification (Certified Legal Video Specialist) from the National Court Reporters Association. I am CLVS certified.

Are we allowed to hire you directly?

Don’t feel bullied by the big firms who tell you that you have to hire from them in order to get high quality video, or to get a “discount.” You can always hire us directly for true cost savings; there is nothing improper for doing so. All it takes is to make another phone call (303) 630-9497 or another email office@integrityvideo.com to schedule the videographer. That phone call or email will save you 50% on your invoice for the videographer’s time.

But it's so much easier to make one phone call or email to schedule a reporter AND videographer!

If you’re fine with paying 2x the cost for your videographer’s hourly rate, stick with making one phone call. If it’s worth it to you to pay half the hourly rate for the videographer w/the same video quality, give us a call (303) 630-9497 or email us office@integrityvideo.com.

Schedule a video deposition today! Call (303) 630-9497 or email office@integrityvideo.com

Video Formats

Do you offer the same video formats I can get with the other guys?

Yes. Options include: DVD — MPEG 1, 2, or 4 — synched to the transcript — etc.

Can you synch the video to the transcript?

Yes! This is becoming the most common format of video being requested. If you’re unsure what it means to have the video synched to the transcript, we’d be happy to share with you the benefits, including the ability to quickly edit the video files on your own for trial or to see the transcript scrolling along with the video.

Schedule a video deposition today! Call (303) 630-9497 or email office@integrityvideo.com.

Can you edit videos for trial?

Yes we can!

Can you shoot in high definition?

Absolutely. Our cameras are a notch better than the typical cameras used for legal video work. Our high definition picture is less grainy and can a produce a much brighter image in low-light rooms. Learn more by clicking here.

Do you offer same-day delivery of video?

Yes, we can provide same-day delivery of video if requested beforehand. We can also provide next-day delivery or two-day delivery as well. Our standard delivery is three-day delivery, unless you need the video synched to the transcript. For synching, we must wait until the transcript is produced before shipping out the video.

Can you shoot Picture-In-Picture depositions (such as with an Elmo or another camera)?

Yes, we can provide an Elmo for depositions, and we can also provide Picture-In-Picture videos. In short, any format of video that you need, we can provide it!

What differences are there between using you and using a large firm for our videos?

There are two differences:

  • We charge half the hourly rate for a videographer’s time that the other guys charge.
  • If we are already booked, we are honest about that–and we tell you so. That’s why our name is Integrity Video LLC. We don’t go out and hire someone else to video the deposition, and require them to pretend that they belong to Integrity Video LLC when they don’t, and then mark up the hourly rate that we bill to you after we pay them.
  • Schedule a video deposition today! Call (303) 630-9497 or email office@integrityvideo.com.

    What if you're already booked for the day we need you?

    We can recommend other independents who charge less than the large firms, or you can contact one of the large firms for that deposition. Then book your next deposition with us to resume the cost savings!

    Schedule a video deposition today! Call (303) 630-9497 or email office@integrityvideo.com

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