About The Owner

Tim Falk, CLVS

My name is Tim Falk, and I’m the owner of Integrity Video LLC.


I have been a legal videographer for over 12 years. I started my legal video career in Alabama, and now am serving the Colorado and Wyoming Front Range.


When you work with an independent legal videographer such as myself, you know exactly who will be filming your deposition, and you save money by cutting out the middle-man (scheduling firms who mark up the video bill).


Don’t sacrifice consistency or more cost to your client. We consistently produce the highest quality videos for the legal field. By taking a one-on-one approach for each job, Integrity Video continues to provide the best professional services at a fair price.


I look forward to making your next video deposition the best yet. Schedule a deposition today (303) 630-9497 or office@integrityvideo.com.


Schedule a deposition: (719) 394-DEPO or (303) 630-9497 or click here to email

Synching a video deposition to the transcript is one of the most powerful ways to be able to utilize your video deposition for trial. Synching the video to the transcript allows the following abilities:

  • You can see read the scrolling transcript as the video is played. Think of it as closed-captioning for your deposition. You have the option to turn this feature on and off, just like closed captioning
  • Even more importantly, chances are, you will want to edit the video deposition for trial. Sure, you could look at the timestamp on the transcript to find the beginning of the portion of testimony you want to edit out or in, and then do the same thing for the end of that portion, scrub through the video to those clock times…and then repeat for every clip needed for trial. But that would be extremely time-consuming. Instead, once the video is synched to the transcript, clips can be created simply by searching for that testimony in the transcript and exporting out that portion of the video. In fact, if an attorney requests that Integrity Video edits video depositions for trial, we always insist that you synch the video to the transcript first, if that has not been done already. Otherwise, your video editing bill will be many times higher due to all of the extra time needed to make the video edits when not synched.
  • And here’s the kicker: We provide the synched video to our clients via a free program called DepoView. DepoView allows you, the law firm, to make your own video edits to the synched video with ease. Of course, Integrity Video can make the edits for you and bill you, if you prefer, but this allows you to save money and do it yourself. The interface is very easy to learn, and we are happy to go over the program with you in-person, if you request this.

Whether you edit the video, or we edit it for you, synching to the transcript is a no-brainer. It is now the standard deliverable for most video depositions. If you have further questions about the value of synching your next video deposition, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Schedule a video deposition now: (719) 394-DEPO or (303) 630-9497 or click here to email