About The Owner

Tim Falk, CLVS

My name is Tim Falk, and I’m the owner of Integrity Video LLC.


I have been a legal videographer for over 12 years. I started my legal video career in Alabama, and now am serving the Colorado and Wyoming Front Range.


When you work with an independent legal videographer such as myself, you know exactly who will be filming your deposition, and you save money by cutting out the middle-man (scheduling firms who mark up the video bill).


Don’t sacrifice consistency or more cost to your client. We consistently produce the highest quality videos for the legal field. By taking a one-on-one approach for each job, Integrity Video continues to provide the best professional services at a fair price.


I look forward to making your next video deposition the best yet. Schedule a deposition today (303) 630-9497 or office@integrityvideo.com.


Schedule a deposition: (719) 394-DEPO or (303) 630-9497 or click here to email

Providing legal videography services to all of the Front Range in both Colorado and Wyoming. Including…

Fort Collins
Colorado Springs


We provide a faithful representation of your deposition via high-quality video.

We use only professional equipment, professional legal videographers, and professional production.

In addition, we deliver the final product on an encrypted web server for you to download instantly. You don’t have to wait for media to be shipped or a courier to deliver. This has the added benefit of being available for you to download onto any computer at any time, rather than being confined to a particular piece of hardware (flash drive, DVD disc, etc), as long as you have internet access. Because it is encrypted you must sign in with your email address and password in order to be able to access the files. Additional access for download can be granted to others on your team, if requested.

FS100web01Professional cameras produce high-quality video for playback in the court room or on the laptop. Hi-fidelity audio is just as important–we use only professional lavalier microphones and audio mixing equipment.

Unlike other legal video firms who may simply use “prosumer” tapeless hi-definition cameras, we use professional-quality, large-sensor cameras. What’s the difference?

Prosumer cameras produce a relatively clean, sharp image for many applications. Although not suited for broadcast or film industries, these cameras are a step up from a consumer camera one might purchase at Best Buy to record family events. Yet, they are not quite at the professional level either. Hence the name, prosumer. While these cameras work fine for several applications, it’s not uncommon for these cameras fall flat. If there is poor lighting, you will notice “grain” or “noise” introduced into the picture. The picture will also look a lot darker. The colors may look faded. For depositions, a prosumer camera often can suffice, but not always. Oftentimes, additional obtrusive lighting is needed. 

Professional cameras provide a high-quality image similar to what you would see on a TV show or a film. They provide exceptional image quality regardless of conditions. There is no noticeable noise or grain to the picture, and colors look vibrant and natural. The picture looks bright and well-lit at all times, unlike the prosumer. In addition, large-sensor cameras provide a shallower depth-of-field. What does this mean? The subject is in focus, while everything behind and in front of the subject is blurred out, so that the audience’s focus is directly on the subject.

We do not charge more for providing higher-quality video with professional cameras. In fact, Integrity Video LLC provides our professional services below the rates often charged by many other scheduling firms.

Ask yourself, which camera would you prefer to shoot your deposition?

Your deposition requires a videographer who has years of experience in the legal videography field, with extensive training and experience, and who takes your deposition seriously. We continuously monitor the screen and the audio, so that every word is captured clearly. Your deposition will be recorded faithfully, and we ensure your videographer will be professional, courteous, and competent.


A NOTE FROM TIM FALK, Owner of Integrity Video, LLC

As the owner of Integrity Video LLC and principal videographer, I take pride in ensuring that your deposition is taped professionally, and is of the utmost quality for use in trial. We abide by state and federal rules of procedure. We understand that our job as a legal video firm is to faithfully shoot and produce video without getting in the way of the proceedings. Feel free to ask us for references from other firms as to the quality and professionalism of Integrity Video. If you ever have any questions about our services, or need our help fixing a problem with a poor video produced by another firm, let us see if we can be of service. With several years of experience in the legal video field, we may be able to solve your present and future legal video needs.

We understand that often in the legal field, things change in a moment’s time. We understand, and quickly repsond to, last-minute scheduling and immediate production changes. Oftentimes, we can even deliver your deposition same-day, if necessary. If you need a deposition in a completely different format later on, we are happy to provide that as well.